Gelish & CND Valentine’s Day Nails


I seem to be getting better at this and learning to be more committed to the nails and keep them for the full two weeks. This one is very cool, I was able to use 3 different products and it turned out great for these I used of course IBD for the base, Harmony Gelish “Tumberline Violet” and “Waterfield”and last but not least CND Shellac “Hot Pop Pink”… Very cute and girlie.


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  1. Sophia says:

    Very cool. I like your theme nails. Can’t wait to see what you do for St. Patrick’s day! LOL!!

    1. justice2k says:

      Thank you! I have sent you an invite for the facebook fan page.

  2. Emma says:

    Hello! I love these :) I was wondering how you used the fimo pieces? Did you set them under the top coat? And if so, did you need to use any form of glue on them?
    thank you :)
    Emma x

    1. justice2k says:

      Hi Emma!
      These have got to be one of my favorites, I found out when I did the New Years nails that I don’t like feeling the rough surface on my nails so for this one after I cured the color I put the fimo pieces on the tacky surface then used 2 coats of IBD Clear builder gel 60sec cure each coat then removed the tacky surface, buffed and finished them off with the IBD Intense Seal. This way they’re actually a part of the nail rather than just on them.

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