IBD Review


IBD Review

Most people ask me if I use the gel polish on its own or if I start with a gel foundation. Well the answer is I always use builder gel. <ahref=”http://www.gelistic.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/20130707-232944.jpg”>20130707-232944.jpg

Actually this photo shows the whole IBD gel line that I use. My natural nails grow pretty fast but are thin so I use the IBD Builder Gel Pink it’s a thicker gel I use 2 thin coats and it cures under the UV light in 30 seconds.

The ibd Builder Gel – Clear
I use on top of the gel color or design it gives the nails a polished look.

The IBD Cleanser Plus- Nail Gel Residue Remover
Removes the tacky gel when your done.


Ibd Intense Seal
Can I tell you how much I love this item I use this after every time I do my nails I end it with this. It is the best top coat ever! It makes your nails super glossy, almost like a glass finish and it totally seals whatever nail art that you do even rhinestones.



Overall I’m pretty satisfied with this line.  The builder gels allow flexibility of the nail without cracking.  It is very easy to use and the Intense Seal is the perfect finish!  I would recommend using this line especially if you are just getting into doing your nails yourself.

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