Finger Paints LED Light Review


So I decided to purchase the Finger Paints Led light to try to cut down my nail time. I put a bottle of Gelish beside it so you can see how small it actually is. Now I have fairly small hands and still found it difficult to fit my 4 fingers in it I can only imagine the difficultly someone with bigger fingers and hands may have. This is a pretty new product and before I bought it I found it hard to find reviews on it so I figured I would see for myself. They say it’s supposed to cure LED gel polish within 30-90 seconds depending on the brand (Finger Paints =30 secs, Gelish=90secs) It has a small silver button on the top that beeps when you push it but doesn’t make a sound when it’s done. It comes with an AC adapter and that’s it. No directions or anything like that in the box.

Needless to say I am not impressed with this product. It didn’t cure in the time it should have (I used Gelish gel polish). And like I said before my hands are small and I found that it didn’t really cover my fingers. Ultimately my biggest disappointment with this product is that my nails never seemed to cure when I was cleaning my nails the colour came off and made for a not so great looking mani. And because it wasn’t curing in the time it was supposed to it seemed to take a longer time than my 36 watt UV lamp. I took it back the next day.

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