Gelish VitaGel Recovery Review


So after the LCN wear my nails all decided that I needed to be taught a lesson of some sort of a lesson and all broke. Every last one of them. They are normally really thin and bendable but now they are just plain soft. I needed something to put under the gel and found that Gelish makes this. It says its the thing to use when transitioning from acrylic to gel, it contains vitamins A, B5 and E and it gives you nails the strength it needs when it is brittle.

I got mine from Nail Polish Canada. The formula is very very thick but it’s easy to apply you use this instead of the foundation, apply 2 coats, cure each coat for 30 secs with a LED light or 2mins with a UV light and your good to go or if you want to use your gel polish you can do so. I’ve used it as the base under my gel polish and have noticed a big difference in my nails right away with one coat- I like two coats. Even though it strengthens your nails it still leaves them in their natural state meaning if you are able to normally bend your nails you can still do so with this it just doesn’t crack. I’m really happy with this product I think I am always going to use it and officially make it a part of my must haves!

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