LCN Thermo Colour Gel


I wanted to get to know other UV gels, because there seems to be so much out there. I was able to get some LCN gels. LCN stands for Light Concept Nails. I saw their products and decided I wanted to try them. I got the thermo gel, it starts off as one color and when the nails are cold they change colours. I thought it was really neat I figured since its summer I’d go for the brighter colours. On the website the colour looks like it will be a nice coral that turns orange/yellow. Well I was wrong, first of all the colour comes in a small pot and is 1/2 full, while it’s in the pot it’s coral – I was excited, then my excitement left me when I started applying the product turned to a pale washed out yellow. The consistency was very very thin making applying the product even hard. I used their Resin gel underneath and then the Ultra Shine top coat. Before I continue I want to make it clear THESE LCN PRODUCTS ARE *NOT* SOAK OFF GELS. That being said you will understand my annoyance when not 1 but 3 nails chipped the following day. All in all my experience with LCN was not the best, but since it was the first time it could be user error. I’ll try again with their Color Effects.


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