Gelish Pro 45 Review


As you can see in my last gel nail post I mentioned that I purchased the Gelish Pro 45. Wow, did this cut time. It is a big difference of curing your nails from 2 mins to 90 secs (as I mentioned in that last post I am still a bit heavy with the application of the color so it takes me 45 secs x 2). The unit is small, and when curing it fits 4 fingers at a time and then you cure your thumbs after. It has one little button on the top and comes with a small adapter.

I found it to be very good for me I have smaller fingers, it beeps so when the curing is finished. If your like me and do your nails while catching up on your shows it helps when your not totally paying attention.

I would recommend this product if you want your first LED light but just don’t really want to spend almost $300 for it.


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