Gelish Summer Brights with Stamping and Fimo


I feel like I’ve been gone forever! Had some vacation went to New York, came back to work to a mess that I’m still trying to dig myself out from. So for the “last long weekend of the summer” because we all know that once Labour Day comes summer is officially over. I went to New York and had to do an ode to summer. I wanted to just relive the ombré but I usually can’t leave well enough alone.

For this I used my brand new Gelish Structure Gel, Copa Cobana Banana yellow, Tiki Tiki Laranga orange, and the famous Make You Blink Pink (even though it didn’t show up so much in this trio ombré. Just to make it more like summer I used some fimo fruit and lastly I have been fortunate to get some stamping plates (to tell you the truth they do work pretty well). For the palm tree I used Shandy’s plate # SH19. More ombré to come stay tuned I got some goodies I hope you all will love.

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