CND Azure wish and Nail pigment powder

CND and Pigment Dots

I am truly sorry, my hiatus is officially over I Am Back! And with goodies. So while in New York the fashion Capitol I found out the hard way if I wanted to get my nails done, no problem there are lots and lots of salons in the Big Apple but supplies?? Nope!

I went online and found this cute little boutique called Young Nails in Flushing NY where all the supplies are and boy did I pick up some goodies.

Items used:
Gelish VitaGel
IBD Pink Builder
CND Azure Wish
Young Nails Garnet and Sapphire
Gelish Top Coat
Dotting tool

I must say I am totally in love with being able to not only make different colors with these powders by mixing them with gel but also using a layering technique. If you look carefully the dots are multicolored fading from red to blue within them.

And CND has definitely stepped up their color game with the Spring Sweet Dreams collection.

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