Bio Seaweed Gel Review


When I first started doing my nails 1 year ago I used what was know to me then IBD then in my quest to find the perfect LED light and in making my nail time more efficient and faster I started experimenting with other gels. I must say that I think I am in love and have actually found a new staple.

I am using this all the time, when the weather changed and all if my nails broke this fall to winter I used this to help build my nails. The beauty of Bio Seaweed Gel is this:

No Sanding Base- doesn’t require you to buff your natural nails, doesn’t require you to dehydrate them either it has natural vitamins and minerals in it that helps your nails. It has helped me grow out my nails and grow out any damage I had done to them this summer.

The Builder Gels: Pink I will admit is difficult to use when building a nail because it isn’t nearly as thick as one would expect however when I did use it for that, it created a really nice almost French manicure nail. The pink on my nail bed was a little too pink for me but the extension looked good because you could see my natural smile line.

White Builder, now that builder is basically what you would expect for a builder gel. For each builder, 2 coats gives you a relatively thin nail that is really flexible especially when taking a hot shower which takes some getting used to. 3 coats is thicker and ultimately harder but still flexible. I personally think that it is better then your typical hard gels, because of the flexibility I haven’t had the nail breaks I’ve had in the past and that’s really important to me.

Diamond Top Shine- completely replaces my IBD top coat it is just as good if not better because again it allows for the flexibility.


Overall I am really enjoying my set. This IS my new staple and it doesn’t hurt that all of their products are FORMALDEHYDE, TOLUENE, DPB, BHA & SOLVENT FREE. I got them directly from
If anyone else has used these products let me know what you think.

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  1. alex says:

    Awsome I’ve been looking for a gel polish.

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