Gelish Nail Foil Art Kit Review

Foil Art Kit

In my most recent review of Nail Foil I mentioned that I’ve been on “Kick” well to be honest this is what started it all. One day I decided to go to Sally’s Beauty just to see if there was anything new. Well, let me tell you I saw this and immediately knew I would love it.


This kit is perfect it comes with 2 Gelish colors “Black Shadow” and Black Cherry Berry”.
You have to use the Black Shadow as a base color, 2 coats of it curing for 45 seconds with a LED light (I cured for 60 seconds just because in my experience with darker colors it takes a bit longer to cure). The LED light I have been using lately is the Artistic Pro 30 which is equivalent to the Gelish 18g (more to come on that soon).
Now after curing the nails with your last layer of Black Shadow it suggests to let the nails set for 1 minute – I presume is this to allow the tacky layer get a bit thicker/stickier. Then you apply the foil beside each other on top of each other what ever color you want to use, this kit comes with 10 different pieces of colors they are just 1 sheet each but its enough to do a full set at least 4 times. Then you apply the Dark Cherry Berry – the instructions suggest to do 2 coats but I found that to be too dark and hiding the foil underneath so I just did one layer. After that it’s business as usual, top with a coat of your top coat in my case I used the Bio Seaweed Gel Diamond Shine Top Coat. Follow with your Nourish Cuticle Oil.



Here is a picture of my right hand because heavens forbid I actually only use a few colors. I loved it so much I had to use all of them!


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