Bio Seaweed Gel Tips and Dots


Something occurred to me, I haven’t done a post using exclusively Bio Seaweed Gel so here it is. Of course my foundation for my nails is the Clear Sculpture Gel. I absolutely love this product you can read my full review here. I’ve also seem to have gotten a lot better in the application of it.


This week I decided to play around with my dotting tool I slowly but surely seem to be getting better. I found that the larger dots are a bit raised where the smaller ones are flush, I seem to like that better.


This is their violet purple named Jewel or #18 and the black is #151 Black Magic. You will find that Bio Seaweed Gel colours are exclusively identified both by their name and by their number. When ordering either or will work.


Soon I will do a complete post of swatches. Until then remember there is only 16 days left in the Nail and Beauty Giveaway you can enter HERE

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