Nail Art With Pigment Powder


Summer 2013 CND introduced pigment powders to further enhance nail art. Well in my quest getting some I learned that there are many different types; there are pigments that are safe for nail art as well as makeup, others that for DIY soap and candles and lastly pigments that is for mixing with acrylic paint. Who knew? I checked on eBay and was able to find a seller that was very helpful not only in educating me on these different types but also helped me put together some orders so I didn’t end up with multiples of the same colour. The seller’s store name is “The Colour Shack” the lady’s name is Barbara. Needless to say I can never just get a few to try I had to get almost everything she had.


The storage container is from Michael’s Arts and Crafts their bead storage section it’s perfect. I did swatches with each powder colour with a white and black base to get an idea of how different the colours can be. Each swatch from left to right is alternate white and black.

Top to bottom from left to right:
Berry, Prima Violet, Green
Antique Gold, Light Blue, Pearl White

Slate, Copper, Red
Yellow, Pink, Bronze

Citrine, Sapphire, White Diamond
Garnet, Rubies, Amethyst

Purple, Lime, Truffle
Silver, Rust Red, Red

Blue, Glitter Black, White
Black, Orange, Moon Sand

Artemis, Amaya, Rose Quartz
Adolfo, Aideen, Arabella

Peridot, Aqua Marine, Amber
Onyx, Tanzanite, Amberose

As you can see there are many colours that can be created depending on what base colour you use.

I have to say, these particular pigments are high quality, and you get a lot more for your money than buying the brand name. I seems that you get a smaller quantity but with these a little goes a long way.

On last thing, when I did the swatches I used the Bio Seaweed Gel Black and White – since BSG colours can cure in sunlight the tacky layer is thing and when the powders are put on it, it doesn’t stay tacky for very long but I’ve also used CND Shellac and Gelish and they work much better. The feature picture of this post is using CND shellac.

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