Accounting Agreement Letter

The supplier is still considered an independent contractor. No article or amendment to this agreement is made to involve or create a partnership, joint venture or relationship between the supplier and the customer. The supplier is not authorized to enter into or enter into agreements on behalf of the customer and does not issue any commitments or declarations as such. The provider undertakes to charge the customer monthly for the services provided and not to perform or charge for services that have not been expressly authorized in this accounting agreement or subsequent changes or orders. If travel is required in the execution of approved accounting services, this trip must be approved in advance by the customer. The refund is made as follows: you can enter into a contract regarding the services provided, the accountant`s fees, the frequency of payments and the termination options. In the event of a dispute or disagreement, a properly drafted accounting contract will serve as evidence, as it is recognized by all courts. 9. Representations and guarantees. Both parties state that they have full authority to conclude this agreement. The accountant is committed to providing accounting services in accordance with the ethical standards of the International Ethics Standards Board for Accountants. All analyses, registrations, reports and submissions are conducted in accordance with national, local and federal law.

PandaTip: PandaDocs features will help you save time when creating accounting contracts. Fill the tokens in the menu on the right to start customizing this model. Each party can terminate this accounting contract by providing 30 days of written notification by authenticated mail to the counterparty. If this contract is terminated, all services provided (but not yet charged) will be billed in accordance with the terms of payment of this contract. The supplier is solely responsible for the payment of taxes resulting from the service of the accounting services listed in this contract and subsequent changes or orders. The supplier fully reserves the right to control and decide how the accounting services described in this contract are provided and delivered. Supplier staff are not entitled to service programs that the client offers to their staff. To recruit an accountant, it is necessary to develop a simple agreement that describes the compensation and the extent of the work done. Since the accountant has access to financial accounts, it is strongly recommended to use someone recommended by friends or family to know that the person who is hired is trustworthy.

In order for the accountant to start working, an agreement must be signed by the client. This serves to protect both parties and is, in most cases, required by the accountant`s professional liability insurance. Once the engagement letter is authorized, the accountant can continue to provide services to the client.

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