Nt Medical Enterprise Agreement

G.4.2 This condition can be met by training, clinical experience, competence, accreditation and certification requirements set from time to time by the competent authority of postgraduate medical training or by the Graduate School of Medicine. The training contract refers to an internship agreement between an employer and a worker registered with the relevant national or territorial training authority 4.5 The employer must give the employee a copy of the agreement and keep the agreement as a time and salary record. (a) the usual hours of physical grade workers do not exceed 37.5 hours per week, the start and end hours may be changed, according to the agreement, between the majority of workers in the part of the work concerned, which may involve a representative of the worker, and the employer; (i) the employer must keep a copy of an agreement covered in point 18.11 as a worker`s file. (iii) when a doctor is required to tour the station to check for patients who have been operated on the theatre list or to perform a station tour delayed by the delay of the theatre session or clinic; (d) explain in detail how the agreement improves the overall situation of the worker with respect to the conditions of employment of each worker; and (a) obligations that relate exclusively to the professional commitment of physicians to the treatment of patients are not paid as unfilled overtime. (c) the amount of accident compensation is increased by an amount which, as a result of the injury, was appropriately caused in transportation, doctor and hospital costs. An enterprise agreement is an agreement between an employer and its employees that is covered by the agreement setting the wages and conditions of these workers for a maximum of four years. To enter into force, the agreement must be supported by the majority of workers who voted in favour of the agreement and it must be approved by an independent authority, the Fair Work Commission. (b) The appointment to the position of Senior Registrar requires the success of the first part (or equivalent) of the conditions for admission to a specialized medical school scholarship within two full-time years of completion of technical training. An appropriate postgraduate qualification involves a medical qualification after the diploma acceptable to the employer and includes a public health degree, an obstetrics diploma and a child health degree. (a) The salary range of the ward physician (public medicine trainee) is increased each year.

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