Scheme Of Control Agreement Hong Kong Electric

Electricity supports our day-to-day activities and stimulates our economic development. It is the government`s long-standing policy to ensure that community electricity needs are met safely, reliably, efficiently and at reasonable prices, while minimizing the environmental impact of electricity generation. CCS helps the government achieve these energy goals. RPRs are the instruments used by the government to regulate the financial issues related to electricity companies` electricity and to monitor their reliability and environmental performance in electricity supply. SCAs do not give companies exclusive rights to supply electricity and are not franchisees. On the contrary, they set the rights and obligations of companies and the returns of their shareholders. The government oversees corporate electricity-related financial issues through business development plans, as well as annual rate reviews and audit reviews conducted in conjunction with them. Business performance is also limited to an authorized rate as a percentage of their fixed assets. The SCA scheme has proven to be a simple, easy and inexpensive way to fully achieve the government`s energy objectives of ensuring a safe, reliable and environmentally friendly electricity supply at a reasonable price. It provides HK Electric with the security that is urgently needed for timely and timely long-term infrastructure investments, as well as the flexibility to effectively manage and manage its electricity supply activities. HK Electric`s activities are governed by a bilateral scheme agreement – Scheme of Control Agreement (SCA) – with the Sar government of Hong Kong (the government).

The agreement provides the government with a framework for monitoring the company`s financial affairs and operational performance. All the time was powered by CLP and HEC in Hong Kong. The two electricity companies have their respective power lines, including production facilities, transmission and distribution networks. The first SCA was signed in 1964. Since then, features have been added to ACSs over the years to improve their functioning and better achieve energy policy objectives. The current SSCA has been signed in 2017 for a period of approximately 15 years and will expire at the end of 2033. . Novation Deed regarding Scheme of Control Agreement (SCA) with: The current scAs and the two previous scAs were uploaded to the website of the Office of the Environment for public access via the following link: . . Information and consultation agreement with Hong Kong and China Gas Company Ltd. (PDF version).

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