Horse Trial Agreement

What will happen if the owner of the horse cannot be informed promptly? Finally, if you are dealing with a person who will not sign a written contract, consider it a huge red flag and go out, no matter how much you love the horse. Sending your horse to court is a big decision and one that involves a few plans to make sure you and your horse are protected if something goes wrong while your horse is not in your possession. From the horse Jekyll and Hyde, who seemed to be the model of equestrian decency on the seller`s farm, just to become a holy scare when he arrives in your barn, to the buyer who presents herself as a candidate for holiness, but who turns around and is on the run with your beloved horse never to be heard by them again, and all scenarios in between, pre-purchase testing is marred by potentially serious issues for both parties to the transaction. Another way to do this would be to sell, own and register the horse and execute a sales contract that outlines the purchase configurations. For example, the terms of purchase could include returning the horse after a period of “x” days for “x” reasons only, provided the horse is returned in the same condition. Or that the sales contract is subject to a veterinary examination. In the event of an emergency based on a veterinary examination, the seller may wish to include in the contract of sale conditions (e.g.B. tingling) that could lead to him “not passing” an examination, while making the horse fit for the buyer`s intended purpose. i. How to care for the horse in case of illness or injury (including veterinary care, fees and seller`s notice) as well as who is paid for the horse and how much does the payment cost the horse in the event of the horse`s death. •A non-refundable deposit (e.g.B.

10%), which amounts to the full purchase price at the end of the trial period. c. Who is responsible for the maintenance of the horse during the rehearsal and that good breeding must be practiced at all times. b. Who transports the horse to the test place and returns to the seller in case of failure of the test and who covers the costs. .

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