Hs2 Non Disclosure Agreement

However, given that the number of NSDAs seems incredibly low given the number of homeowners and land subject to gag orders, it is very likely that standard employment contracts or indemnity clauses contain termination clauses in the same way as some compensation agreements, so signatories do not sign gag orders themselves, but a broader contract containing a confidentiality clause. In a review of the planning system in England, the Town and Country Planning Association (TCPA) found that 26 local authorities had signed confidentiality agreements (NDAs) with HS2 Ltd during the initial planning phase. The District Council signed a confidentiality agreement (NDA) with HS2 in 2013 to secure “early updates of design projects” ahead of the release of the HS2 Hybrid Bill in November of the same year. The number of confidentiality agreements (ASNs) used by the high-speed line has increased sharply, as the main work on the project finally begins, as we learned yesterday. HS2 has more than 300 confidentiality agreements, the minister responsible for the project revealed. These agreements refer to what HS2 defines as “outside organizations” and the company explained very specifically that these NDAS do not relate to employees of HS2 Ltd. “The use of confidentiality agreements to gag local authorities is contrary to any basic public participation rule What HS2 Ltd does sends a message to the public that they should be excluded from what is happening in their own courts.” Although the taxpayer funded the £100 billion programme, Stephenson defended (pictured) its use.

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