All About The Glow Collection


This so far is my favorite Gelish collection. I bought the Minis because as much as I wanted to live a little with these colors I was still very hesitant. I never in a million years thought with my skin tone I would be able to pull off neon green and neon pink. I opted not to get the Brights Have More Fun
and I’m Brighter Than You
only because I have quite a few shades of red. I found the formulas to be consistent with the colors, not too thick but not too thin. You did need to apply 3 coats in order for the color be even though.

From left to right: Make You Blink Pink Radiance Is My Middle Name Sometimes A Girl’s Gotta Glow and You Glare, I Glow
All in all I really do love the colors in this collection, I think regardless of skin tone these colors would look great on anyone providing you are daring or not.

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