Fs Collective Agreement Canada

44.1.1 A worker is entitled to the same number of specific leave with a salary per calendar year as under a collective agreement or other competent authority in Canada. 51.10.6 A family reunification allowance may be allowed for a child of the worker/spouse/contractor: who is not qualified as a support creditor under the definitions of SDF 2, simply because the child does not normally reside with the worker/spouse/community partner, but the child has access to the child under the terms of a custody contract, for a maximum of two trips per 12-month period, from the child`s location to the worker`s place of assignment, reduced travel costs, if any, between the child`s seat and the employee`s seat. Negotiating Partners: Federal Government Delegate: Dockyard Trades and Labour Council (Esquimalt) (West) (FGDTLC (W)) Agreement expiry date: January 30, 2023 Dispute Resolution Mechanism: Conciliation 15.23.9 If an extension of the time limit in the validity periods in the former duty station is permitted due to exceptional operational requirements (for example. B Delays in the Heads of Mission Agreement, Unforeseen Program Requirements that arise after a staff member has made normal arrangements to clear permanent accommodation requiring a departure period or the obligation to evacuate accommodation held by the Crown in order to facilitate days spent in temporary accommodation prior to departure, on the instruction of the Assistant Director, with the exception of days normally permitted for the packing and removal of personal property. 51.10.1 If there is a custody contract or if the child has not reached the age of 22 and there is no custody agreement because of the child`s age, the assistant director may authorize the payment of a travel allowance for family reunification in accordance with this section. With other interim agreements, the government has concluded 34 agreements that, if ratified and signed, apply to more than 65,000 federal public service employees. The remaining interim agreements are expected to enter into force in the coming weeks and months, once negotiators have completed their ratification process and both sides sign the agreements. “These signed agreements are an important step in this round of negotiations. Through respectful and good faith negotiations with public service thinkers, we have entered into agreements that provide workers with fair wage adjustments and other provisions that reflect the current work environment. 44.1.3 When a worker works in more than one location in a calendar year, the assistant director continues to adjust the leave provided for that worker for that worker to ensure that the worker receives the same number of specific leave for the calendar year as those provided for by a collective agreement or other competent authority in Canada.

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