Rental Agreement For Community Room

iv. Bathroom: Wipe the counters and devices, report all health problems as soon as possible. v. Deck: The bridge must be swept cleanly. 11. PETS: The tenant cannot keep pets in or on the dwelling. 12. INDEMNITY: The tenant undertakes to exempt COHA and its members of the Board of Directors from any claim, application, application, means or judgment that may result from a violation of this agreement or that may result from property or bodily damage suffered by third parties. Coha is compensated by the tenant and compensated for legal fees and legal costs in the event that COHA defends any action resulting from a violation of this agreement, which is initiated by the tenant or others, or an action for personal injury or property damage by third parties. Each party hires its successors, endowments, heirs, directors and executors. 13. FORCE MAJUERE: Neither the COHA nor the tenants are required to fulfil a condition, condition or contract of this tenancy agreement during this period during which this benefit is delayed or prevented after the exercise of the duty of vigilance by the acts of God, civil unrest or restrictions of the state.

14. QUIET ENJOYMENT: COHA accepts that, upon payment of the rent provided and the compliance and implementation of the agreements contained in it, and by the tenant, the tenant must, subject to the provisions of the tenancy agreement, maintain and enjoy the premises in peace and tranquillity for the duration of the tenancy agreement. 15. MINORS: The tenant makes available to one in ten people who do not have a bachelor`s degree or under the age of 18 in and around the premises 16. SEVERABILITY: If this agreement or any other provision of this agreement is annulled for any purpose by a competent court, the purpose of this agreement or these provisions is nevertheless applicable to the extent necessary for that protection. Each article, paragraph, paragraph, terms and conditions of this agreement is considered separable. If, for any reason, a part of that agreement is found to be invalid or contrary to a law or rule in a final decision of a right, public authority or jurisdiction with valid jurisdiction, that decision does not affect the validity or applicability of another part of this Agreement. 17. ENTIRE AGREEMENT: The provisions of this tenancy agreement constitute and must represent the entire agreement between COHA and the tenant. There are no conditions, guarantees, commitments or obligations of any kind between CHOA and the tenant, neither express nor tacit.

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