Vox Subscriber Agreement

The subscriber will and will not allow third parties not to help or allow data from specific categories or violations to be transmitted through the use of Voxpow applications. The participant is informed that any transfer of category data or specific infringements by the subscriber or any person concerned by which personal data related to processor services is transmitted to Voxpov by order, instruction or on behalf of the subscriber, is done exclusively at its own risk and responsibilities and is considered an occasional transmission. 3.1. Start and duration of contract, start of counting and renewal 3.1.1. The contract becomes binding on the contracting parties on the date of its entry into force and remains binding for each party until the end of the start period or extension period, unless this contract is terminated earlier by one of the contracting parties for the reasons set out in the treaty. 3.1.2. For a service that does not involve the provision of a circuit or is provided via an excluded circuit, the initial period begins on the activation date of such a service. For each circuit, the initial period begins for the services provided by the circuit (whether or not it is grouped with the circuit) from the activation date. If the services require the availability of multiple circuits, the start period begins on the date the last circuit is connected.

3.1.3. When services are grouped with a circuit, the cost of the circuit is the most important element of the bundled service and, therefore, the customer agrees that Vox is allowed to charge the customer from the connection date, whether or not bundled value-added services have been activated. 3.1.4. If the client is legally entitled, the client must: a) inform Vox in writing of his choice so as not to renew the contract at least 90 (90) days before the initial deadline expires; or b) enter into a revised subscription agreement, otherwise the contract will be automatically renewed for the renewal period. 3.2. Cancellation or change of services before the login/activation date If the customer cancels or varies Vox services before the connection date for any reason other than a Vox violation, Vox is allowed to charge the customer for the anticipatory charges incurred by Vox due to cancellation or change, which amount must be paid by the customer upon request. 3.3. Termination of a fixed-term contract by a single consumer without cause 3.3.1. Where a single consumer has entered into a fixed-term contract, the individual consumer has the right to terminate the fixed-term contract at any time, for no particular reason and for a particular reason, provided that the consumer gives Vox in writing at least 20 (20) working days for his choice to terminate the contract. Such termination is subject to the payment of a reasonable cancellation fee, which is established and calculated at the time of termination by the consumer using the guidelines set out in Section 14 and Rule 5, paragraph 2, of the CPA.

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