Working Capital Loan Agreement Template

While the borrower requests a working capital loan from the creditor and the creditor agrees to grant a loan to the borrower. In order to clarify their rights and obligations, both parties conclude this Agreement after negotiation in accordance with the Law on Contracts, the General Rules on Loans and the relevant laws and regulations. Loan agreements usually contain information about: 3.2 The duration of the loan is 12 months, from to. The day of interest payment is the 20th of each month (the 20th of each month/the last month of each quarter). If the 20th day is a non-bank business day, the interest payment day is the next bank business day. Interest must be paid in principal at the maturity of the loan. 7.1.9 In the event of contracts, leases, share restructurings, joint transactions, mergers, acquisitions, divisions, reductions in share capital, changes in equity, transfers of significant assets and other activities that may affect the rights and interests of the parties, Party A shall notify Part B in writing at least thirty days in advance and obtain the written consent of Party B. Party A will not carry on the above activities until all debts have been released. 4.2.1 The interest rate is a fixed interest rate of 6.12% per an individual, which remains unchanged for the term of the loan; Withdrawal by instalment payment, regardless of the duration of the payments in a period, the interest rate shall be made at the interest rate determined on the date of entry into force of the loan agreement or on the corresponding date and adjusted on the corresponding date of entry into force of the loan agreement for the following period. 9.3 If Party A wishes to extend the loan, it must submit a written request and written statements from the guarantors on the continuous guarantee 30 days before the expiry of the contract.

The term of the loan will not be extended until Party A agrees to renew the loan after review and enters into a renewal agreement. The loan agreement remains in effect before the parties enter into the renewal agreement. 8.6 If Party A does not use the Loan for the purposes set out in the Agreement, Party B has the right to cease lending, claim some or all of the Loans or terminate the Agreement. In addition, Party B has the right to charge penalty interest of 70% (50 to 100%) above the initial interest rate on any loan balance used by Party A in violation of this Agreement for the days of the breach, and compound interest of 70% (50 to 100%) above the initial interest rate on unpaid interest. .

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